Check out our latest additions!
Check out our latest additions!
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Bags & Bongos NEW features

Put your practice chanters and drum pads down for a second. Here's what's new with us.

  • We have added a Reward points system call "Bongo Points". It's quite easy to collect points in advance of even buying anything, plus you get points for purchases. To start collecting, you simply need to start an account here <link>.
  • Bags & Bongos will look at any requests for product customization. We can set up a "store within a store", password accessed, for your band or society members. Your members would then set up their own purchasing accounts, and we take care of the rest. No one else can see your custom products.
  • We have installed Facebook messenger right into the site so you can ask questions, get some answers and even sign up to have your order notifications sent to you once shipped. Try it out!

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